Creationism ?


 Everything in existence has a Creator, (ad infinitum). Before the Big Bang there was neither time nor space nor matter, but consciousness. Formless. Eternal. Contemplating its creator. And contemplating others like itself that might exist across the infinite bubbles of reality.

As time did not exist, we cannot say whether this omni-consciousness existed for a millisecond, a millennium or an eternity. But it jabbed with Its thoughts at the weathered fabric between realities and poked an infinitesimal hole. And the entirety of a neighboring universe – endless space and matter – “flooded” through that pinhole in a spectacular cosmic eruption.

The omni-consciousness found that matter, gave it form, and it revelled in its multitudinous shapes. It discovered that matter – moulded by the “flame of time” and the winds of evolution – could eventually give rise to its own self-aware components, part of the omni-consciousness, yet separate from it.

It delighted in each of the quadrillions of consciousnesses that “flickered” into and out of existence. It no longer knew loneliness. Time, space and matter continued to expand – prodded into acceleration by the omni-consciousness – hoping in vain to fill every crevice of infinity.

(From my series: Examination of certainty and truth !)


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